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Company Overview analyzes over 300 million domains per day and summarizes DNS and hosting activity in a simple, easy-to-browse format.

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Service Description tracks DNS and hosting activity for over 300 million domains. The service provides with full coverage of DNS activity by offering both gTLD and nTLD data not provided by competing services.

The service is free and does not require a membership. Intelium Corp. offers this resource with the intent of adding an additional level of transparency that will help advance the evolution of the domain name industry.

Feature Highlights:
  • Discover Changes with Analytical Precision
  • Track new domains, deletions and transfers by leveraging the wealth of Intelium's data and tools.
  • Discover vital daily trends that can help gain insight into competitors and allies alike.
  • Observe and measure daily TLD activity by drilling down to the extension specific data. is free and updated daily.

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