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Company Overview provides instant Pagerank checking and verification.

The service was created to serve the SEO community in providing a reliable, fast and accurate pagerank check.

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Service Description was created to offer a fast and reliable way to check, verify, and research Google Pagerank® statistics.

Pagerank is a web site ranking system established by Google that determines how well a website ranks in the Google search results. The actual rank is a score ranging from 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest achievable rank.

Knowing your Pagerank is important because it is an an indicator of what the world’s most prominent search engine thinks of your online presence.

Determining pagerank, and researching pagerank however is not easy, because most of the the existing services that provide pagerank data are usually outdated, inaccurate or simply do not work. makes determining and researching Pagerank statistics easy and convenient.

Feature Highlight:
  • Historical Pagerank data starting from 2011
  • Website language and backlink research functionality
  • Pagerank check and verification tools
  • Capacity look up Pagerank for up to 25,000 domains in a matter of seconds

  • Discover the strength of your online presence with DNS.LINK

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