About Us

Intelium is the premier supplier of domain name analytics. We specialize in creating powerful software and service solutions for the domain name industry.

Over the past 10 years, our products have been used by hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers across the world. We have built a reputation for providing the highest quality of software and customer service.

We also specialize in gathering and analyzing raw internet data, and converting that data into useful intelligence. Our data is routinely used by domain investors, public and private sector organizations, as well as government agencies to make key decisions.

Software is not just our business, it is also our passion. We strive to continuously improve the software and services we provide to our customers.

Our Philosophy

We believe in organic growth and we feel fortunate to be self-funded, and fully independent of outside interests. Due to the sensitive nature of our work, we believe it is crucial to remain objective and trustworthy.

We believe in serving our customers and we derive great satisfaction from seeing our customers succeed. We believe that in order for us to be successful, we have to create products and services that make our customers successful.

Our Vision

We believe the domain name industry can benefit from better software, better tools and a better image. We also believe in helping secure intellectual property against unauthorized and offensive use.

We strive to advance the domain name industry into the 21st century by helping organizations and individuals to solve increasingly complex issues using our unique data and technologies.

Our Brands

Intelium was formed in 2013 as a holding and management company for a series of established companies created by its founders. You may be familiar with some of our brands:

Our Technology

All of our technology is built in-house by a team of software engineers who are passionate about solving complex problems.

We specialize in both software and hardware, and we own and maintain an infrastructure of almost 100 servers in secure datacenters. Maintaining our own infrastructure ensures that we have complete control of our data and services, and allows us to quickly scale our operation by adding additional servers and racks.

In order to maximize cost-effectiveness and minimize administrative costs, our software is built to be efficient and highly automated.