Benchmark and research new top level domains (nTLDs).

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NamePulse looks beyond the zone file to help analyze and benchmark new top level domains (nTLDs). NamePulse users can discover true nTLD performance with dozens of metrics across TLDs, registries and registrars.

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Service Description

NamePulse is a set of tools and industry standards for benchmarking and research of new top level domains (nTLDs).

Until now, no established standards existed to properly benchmark nTLDs and obtain consistent results. Most investors and registry operators tracked nTLD performance by looking at the total number of registered domains, but this method is crude and open to manipulation.

NamePulse provides statistically derived consumer adoption trends for new top level domains. It shows how the new extensions are being used, who is registering nTLD domains and what growth trends are emerging across the nTLD extensions.

To accomplish this, NamePulse gathers a large amount of data about each domain and extension including: web crawl data; IP data; DNS data; whois data; snapshot data; and much more.

All of our reports are generated continuously and on a daily basis. We combine registration data, development data and market trends to deliver a clear picture of what is happening in every nTLD.

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