Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Intelium, we value your privacy and believe in keeping all of your information confidential. We also believe in staying true to our core business, creating great software.

We do not use any information obtained from your searches to register or backorder domains for ourselves or any of our companies.

We also never:

  • Sell or distribute your personal information to third parties;
  • Keep track of your data queries at any of our services for reasons other than answering your questions, technical maintenance, or security protocol reviews;
  • Use your information in spam or promotion of third party services.

Data Collected

Various user data is collected by Intelium. Data such as name, address and credit card information is collected for the purpose of subscription activation, subscription renewal, and service transactions (such as domain registrations).

Data such as query logs and cookie sessions are collected for the purpose of tracking affiliate sales, and ensuring compliance with the terms of use agreements in each respective service offered by Intelium.

Data Security

Our data resides at a local data center facility on Intelium owned or leased servers. We take serious measures to ensure that our data is not accessible by unauthorized individuals.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us. For terms of use and privacy policies of our individual services, please visit their respective websites.