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Extension Overview

The site-spell extension lets you instantly check the spelling of all content on a web page, including title tags, balloons, HTML elements and hidden entities.

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Feature Highlights:

This extension was created for web developers and online content creators. While other spell checkers only check input fields, site-spell checks all content on a page and highlights the errors.

  • Simple and Secure:
    The site-spell extension quickly finds misspellings, highlights them and provides suggestions. This extension was created with your privacy in mind. The only information it uses is strictly related to checking your spelling — nothing else!

  • Easily Customizable:
    Easily add and remove custom words from the dictionary and customize the extension for your needs.Our standard dictionary supports hundreds of thousands of common and uncommon English words, and we're adding to it daily.

  • Auto-Check:
    The auto-check feature allows you to add one or more domains that will be checked automatically for misspellings every time you visit a page. This feature makes it easy to identify spelling errors "as you browse" web sites that you added to the auto-check list.

Site-Spell is free and updated daily.

The Developer Spell Checker

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