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Company Overview provides trademark search, monitoring and alert services of all 7 million+ US trademarks filed since 1823. Trademark owners and industry professionals use our instant, detailed, easy-to-understand reports for comprehensive trademark research.

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Service Description provides trademark search, monitoring and alert services.

Typically, a trademark search process is time-consuming and involves research that is not appealing to an average business owner. We created Trademark247 to simplify the process and make trademark searches accessible to everyone.

Unlike competing services that charge up to $1,500 for a trademark search, all searches performed on Trademark247 are generally free and include a lot more information then searches performed by many professionals.

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  • Textual and visual search results that simplify trademark searches
  • Comprehensive set of search filters that enhance accuracy and make risk analysis more manageable
  • Ability to monitor your trademarks, specific keywords or competitors
  • Free and confidential. We do not share any lookups with third parties.

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